A great selection from JB Video. The quality (models, pantyhose) is extremely good and the passion of JB Video is well known. Enjoy! JB Video - Movies > Various Titles > All Sex (M-Z) > Veronika Zemanova (JB Video) JB Video - Sexy Mya Luanna wears glasses, a dress, shiny suntan pantyhose and white open toe slides! She talks to you and slips her shoes off to wiggle her cute pink painted toes and lovely size five feet. This Asian beauty will tease you and leave you panting for more in this hot foot teaser. JB Video - This sexy girl wears shiny black STW PH with black platforms and white cotton short shorts! She teases nice and slow as she bends over and poses. Sitting back she poses her pretty legs in the air and crosses them as she talks dirty a bit. Taking off the heels she points her toes at the camera and poses her legs in the air nice and slow! Getting up, she takes off her top revealing her lovely natural breasts and poses some more before trying on white pumps as well! She teases us with more great bending over and leg stretching then slowly works out of the shorts to show you her cotton panel. Slipping the heels off, she tries a different pair of shorts with opentoe slides and teases some more. After a while she strips to try on beige/suntan seamless STW PH and bends over and poses nice and slow! She tries on the white slides again and models some more before getting on the couch to pose and show her pussy thru her nylons. Soon she's fingering herself through the nylons and gets herself off! JB Video - Watch as JB gets a footjob from three lovely ladies in three different scenes. Each scene is shot... Read More JB Video - Sexy Kiki wears glasses, a business suit and black pantyhose with open toe slides. Her boss comes... Read More JB Video - This starts out with sexy Celine dancing in brown control top PH and a minidress with black... Read More JB Video - This sexy Asian girl sits outside in her glasses, business skirt and blazer with shiny suntan PH and black open toe heels. She talks to you as a bit as she gives peeks at her cotton panel and bends over. She walks along the sidewalk showing off then stops at a vacant outdoor lunch area to cross her legs, tease and bend over nice and slow! Unbuttoning her jacket, she reveals a sexy bra and models over the camera showing you her cotton panel and panty-style control top. Exposing her lovely nipples, she takes off her glasses, lets her hair down and lays back to rub at her crotch and gets herself off! Next we see her in the bedroom where she strips to her glasses, bra, PH and heels to show off a bit more. Slowly she strips and tries on black STW PH with seams and black high pumps. Getting on the bed she shows off her nice ass as she rubs at her pussy from behind! Ripping a hole she masturbates in her heels and hose to a hot climax!
JB Video - Michelle wears a black skirt with black control top pantyhose and pumps and Alana wears a skirt... Read More JB Video - Cutie Kaylynn wears a blouse and business skirt with black PH and black pumps! She talks on the office phone and works at her desk giving little peeks up her skirt till she notices that we're watching. She talks to you a bit as she teases with her legs, crossing and uncrossing them slowly, then takes off her glasses and lets her hair down! Taking off her blouse she does more great bending over and teasing long and slow. Taking off her secretary skirt she shows off black lacey briefs underneath and continues modeling in her bra, hose, and heels as she giggles and makes comments to you! Next she strips and tries on shiny brown STW PH with clear platform slides. She models for a bit then sits down to cut open her cotton panel and show off some more with great bending over and leg teasing! Soon she begins rubbing at her pussy then gets a long glass dildo and slowly masturbates in a couple hot positions till the end. JB Video - Sexy red head Pason wears a red mini skirt with shiny black pantyhose and black platform sandals. Getting stuck in her couch, she calls the fire department for help. Jack comes over to help her out and soon it's his lucky day. He rubs her legs and kisses her cotton panel as she moans and talks dirty to him about her pantyhose! JB Video - Pantyhose Seduction #16 - Frank hires Amber for a PH photo shoot. She starts out with shiny light suntan PH with light... Read More JB Video - Amy wears a black mini dress with shiny suntan and clear heels! She talks to you a bit as she models over the camera, bends over and pulls her dress up and down for great views of her cotton panel and sexy ass in her pantyhose! Sitting down she crosses and uncrosses her long legs showing them off nice and slow. Taking the dress off she shows off her large natural boobs and sexy body as she models in her PH and heels. After a while she takes it all off to try on shiny brown pantyhose and a fishnet mini dress with clear platform slides! She gets a run in her pantyhose but still models them for a while with nice bending over and posing. Next she strips to try on pink/black fishnet pattern pantyhose with no cotton panel. Modeling over the camera she rubs at her pussy before getting on the chair to pose and rub at her pussy thru her pantyhose. Trying on black high pumps she gets a small vibrator and masturbates thru her hose. Pulling them down a bit she fingers herself off before getting another vibrator to get off with some more. JB Video - This hottie starts outside in a pleated skirt with shiny suntan pantyhose and open toe slides! She walks around smoking a cigarette looking sexy before we see her inside bending over and arching her feet in her heels nice and slow as she talks to you a bit. Sitting down she slides her legs together and crosses them as she dangles her heels and shows you her gorgeous size six's and French tip toes! JB Video - Pantyhose Seduction #29. Ben sets up a photo shoot with sexy Xara Diaz, a hot latina! He has her wear shiny black pantyhose black platform slides and short shorts. She poses sexy for him and soon is in her bra and pantyhose showing off her STW hose with thong style panty built in. Don't miss this couple heat up the screen in this chapter of JB video's Pantyhose Seduction line! JB Video - Anastasia Pierce wears a red dress, flesh tone pantyhose and red open toe slides! She bends over and poses as she talks to you showing off her cotten panel covered sexy ass. This sexy vixen loves to show off all she's got in this sexy pantyhose teaser. JB Video - Foot Seduction #21 - Sexy Teanna Kai wears a little skirt with shiny suntan pantyhose and white with clear slides! A shoe salesman comes to her house and it doesn't take long for her to tease him with her cute size fives! He helps her try on a white ankle strap heel and soon she has him kissing her feet and legs.
JB Video - Pantyhose Seduction #27 Alaura cleans Dez's place in a French maid outfit with fishnet pantyhose and black pumps! Before long she's letting him touch her pantyhose legs and he sees she's wearing shiny beige hose with cotton panel under the fishnets. Soon he's kissing her legs as she teases him and slips her heels off as she unbuttons his shirt. Bending her over, he plays with her fishnets and rubs at her cotton panel before ripping it open to tongue her ass and pussy. After a while she gives him a nice long blowjob before they sixty-nine as he rips open her panythose even more. He gives her head and fingers her ass as well then she straddles him to ride him cowgirl style for a while before taking her dress off and trying on light brown STW with cotton panel. He rips the panythose so her ass cheeks are out then turns her around for some reverse cowgirl as he tears the crotch open as well. She gets off and he bends her over to do her from behind till he turns her over to cum on her leg. JB Video - First up on this one is sexy Lyla Lei in shiny black pantyhose with black short shorts and platform heels! She gives JB a blowjob before stroking him with her pantyhose legs, feet and ass then she slowly strips and talks dirty before JB rips open her crotch to fuck her in a couple positions. Getting on top she rides him for awhile then he does her from behind till she jerks him onto her ass. JB Video - This hot vixen wears short shorts with fishnet tights over her shiny suntan pantyhose and black platform slides. She poses on the bed with legs in the air and doggie style before sitting up to cross and uncross her legs and slip her heels off showing you her pretty size six's and red toenails. Taking off her outfit and fishnets she poses her pretty legs and feet in the air and points and spreads her toes for you through her reinforced toe pantyhose. Next she tries on black patent pumps and continues showing off in her suntan pantyhose (with control top tanga panty). She crosses her legs and dangles the heels nice and slow and stretches her legs to the camera as she slips the shoes off to flex and rub her feet together long and slow in a couple positions. After a while she takes the pantyhose off to try on black FF stockings and six strap garter belt without panties. Sitting back she poses her legs and feet and points her toes before trying on black platform slides to cross her legs and dangle a bit before trying on the black pumps again. She dangles and slips in and out of these as well and shows off the bottom of her lovely high arched feet. Next she tries on blue open toe slides and teases with them for a bit till she slips them off to point, flex and pose her feet till the end with great close ups. JB Video - First up is Cherry in shiny suntan pantyhose with white pumps and short shorts. She slips her shoes off to show her pretty size eight red toenails and lightly reinforced toes as she talks to JB. He kisses her feet and legs till she starts stroking him with her cute feet. She sucks him a bit as well then continues stroking him with her feet in a couple positions till he cums on the sole of her foot. Next up is Tyla in suntan pantyhose with white pumps and jean shorts. She poses for pictures and points her cute size sevens and pink toenails at the camera, then JB kisses her legs and feet till she starts jacking him with her cute little toes. After a while JB lays on the floor as she tries on an open toe shoe to stroke him with her arches for a while. Taking off the shoe she jacks him till he cums on top of her feet. Lovely Tatiana is next in shiny brown pantyhose with a white bra and open toe platforms. JB kisses her legs and feet for a bit, then she strokes him with her pretty size eights with glitter toenail polish and light reinforced toes in a couple positions till he cums on top of her foot! JB Video - Cherokee wears a short skirt and high open toe slides. She goes to a shoe store at the last minute and meets Joelean wearing a short skirt with beige FF stockings and strappy platform heels. Joelean helps her try on a couple pairs of open toe heels and beige FF stockings and soon Joelean invites Cherokee back to her place. She helps Cherokee put the stockings back on and soon she's kissing and sucking on Cherokee's cute size fives and red toenails. Taking off their dresses, they put a black garter belt with six straps on Cherokee as well as a pair of black, open-toe sling backs. They admire them in the mirror and soon Cherokee is licking Joelean's heels before slipping them off to kiss and rub her pretty size sixes and suck and lick her toes which also have red polish. Joelean slips Cherokee's shoes off, also, and worships her nylonned feet, nice and slow. Taking their stockings off, Cherokee puts grey FFs onto Joelean and removes her bra and panties. She rubs her feet on Joelean's pussy and sticks her big toe into her before giving her head for a bit. Next Cherokee tries on black FFs as Joelean kisses her feet and gives her head as well. Next they get on the bed and toe fuck each other as they suck each other's toes till the end! JB Video - This sexy girl wears a white business skirt with shiny suntan STW PH and black pumps! She talks about the small run in her PH as she giggles and poses her legs giving you peeks at her cotton panel. Taking off her jacket she shows you her big boobs as she talks and giggles. Bending over she shows off her hot ass and takes off the skirt to pose in her PH and heels! After a while she tries on a black strappy leotard with a g-string back. JB Video - First up is sexy Devin Deray in a black minidress with sheer black PH and opentoe platforms. She teases the camera for a bit then has JB kiss her legs and feet before stroking him with her pretty size 9's in a couple positions till he cums on her soles! Next is Mimi Miyagi! She teases JB in her shiny beige PH for a bit then gives him a BJ before stroking him with her pretty size 6's with pink toenails as she talks dirty! She sucks him some more then strokes him with her feet and even with her boobs before they have sex through her PH as JB sucks her toes! After a while, she strokes him with her feet again till he cums on top of her foot. Very hot! Sexy Lezley Zen is next in a blue dress and shiny suntan PH with white thong underneath and white opentoe slides. She teases for a minute then JB kisses her nice ass and legs! Taking off the dress she strokes him with her pretty size 7's with dark toenails for a bit then she takes the camera as JB gives her head through her nylons and panties! She strokes him again with her feet in a couple positions till he cums on her PH soles! JB Video - Watch as JB gets foot jobs from three sexy girls! Kiki is first up in a business skirt with shiny brown PH and black pumps! She poses and talks to you as she strips down to her PH and heels. She calls in the cameraman and teases him with her feet and legs before giving him a foot job with her pretty size seven's! Kaylynn is up next in shiny suntan PH, a short skirt and black/clear platforms! She teases the camera as she shows off her heels and giggles as she tries to stand in them. Then she gives JB a foot and leg job with her shoes on! He cums on her nylonned legs and she changes into shiny offblack PH with gold open toe slides! She shows off her pretty size nine's and red toenails then has JB kiss her legs till she slips off a heel to stroke him with the other heel dangling! Slipping off the other shoe, she continues finally turning over to stroke him till he squirts on her soles! Next is Lia in shiny light tan PH with high black pumps and black lace ankle socks. She teases for a bit then strokes him with her heels and socks on! Slipping off her heels she continues stroking him with her nylons till he cums on her cute size six's. Nice show!
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Pushing the medium to its limits, we give you live action from our Budapest studios and select locations worldwide. Our models get feral, indoor and outdoor, alone and with company, in videos that'll leave you asking exactly where and why they draw that line between soft 'core' and hard!
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